Friday, January 6, 2012

how small we are compared to everything

I saw a picture the other day that showed us how small we really are. The picture showed our earth compared to all the planets and the sun, it then goes on to show other stars compared to the sun. Our sun is TINY compared to other stars. I think the fact that the universe is SO vast is extremely interesting. There was a galaxy that is like 80 million light years away and it has 8 times more stars than our milkey way has. We are but a tiny grain of sand among a whole beach. If i find this awesome picture then i will post it, also if you know which one i am talking about please comment with a link!


  1. I like thinking about it, but then I don't like thinking about it at the same time. I always end up just thinking too deep and get confused lol

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  2. and we think the world gone end when we gonne all die ... we call that the end of the world lol only humanity gone end

  3. it is fascinating, & beautiful! intriguing how most of us, me included, think we're the stars of our own universe, but we are so very much, NOT at all.

  4. Scary and provoking stuff pal! great post!

  5. The things I find interesting are the really small things (atomic and subatomic level).

  6. A drop of water in the ocean, an atom in infinity.

    BTW, was it this one?

  7. Whew. Im glad someone can finally 'see' this is only our finite existence. Believe-it-or-not, I was in an accident, I saw Heaven, the Voice told me I had to return to save souls...

    Like it or not, brudda, we ALL croak [bummer]; we're then Divinely Judged based on what actions we have accomplished in our finite existence. After reading this and VitSee our blogs, hopefully you'll head Home to Heaven, place where we'll N E V E R! go six-feet-under...

    How long will we live Upstairs? If every atom in the universe was 999 nonillion years, we'd surpass even that. Longer than a googleplex years. Longer than pi. F O R E V E R... That's also the Abyss o'Misery which is downtown Hell.

    How??? trustNjesus
    God bless you